Editing Notes

Although IGME is designed for interactive composition with algorithmic and generative music techniques it is also possible to use IGME simply as a music sequencer, as we shall now demonstrate.

Create a new human part, by pushing the + button on track 1, and open it (double click) for editing

The first task of this activity is to notate the following sequence (shown below) inside the part we have just opened for editing.

Score to Input

Arrange View

The following keyboard commands are used to edit notes more quickly in IGME (score notation). Please note that these controls work only on notes that are selected (i.e. blue).

A-G : Used to change the pitch of a note.

Up, Down : Used to increment/decrement the pitch of a note.

Cmd + Up or Down : Used to increment/decrement the octave of a note

1-7 : Used to change note duration.

Left, Right : Used to navigate between notes.

Cmd + Left or Right: Used to insert note before/after.

Shift + A-G: Insert another note in the same position (for adding chords).

When editing notes two different entry methods can be used, auto note step and manual note step. In manual mode the selected notes will not progress to the next note when the selected notes’ pitch is changed. In auto mode, changing the pitch of the selected note will cause the next note in the sequence to be subsequently selected. Both modes have their advantage.

Note entry configuration

Use Manual step: when you want to edit multiple selected notes at the same time, or want complete control over the editing process.

Use Auto step: to quickly enter a new sequence of notes, or to edit an existing sequence.

The Seed, Parameters and Result

The theory behind IGME breaks the composition of blocks down into three parts. These are:

Seed - The name given to the musical material that is edited.

Parameters : The parameters allow you to choose various generative/algorithmic effects and configure them.

Result : The result is the final music material produced from passing the seed material through the generative process. This is the music that gets rendered into the final score.

Edit screen

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