Lets Get Generative

So far we have been editing a specific type of block referred to as human/computer block. That is a block that has both human and computer input to produce music. There is however another type of block that we can use, referred to as a Generative block. The music produced by this block is specified by controlling certain parameters, there is no input (seed) musical material, but instead a seed generator.

To add a generative block, first return to edit view using the back button. Next push the add button at the end of track 1, and select generative block from the drop down menu.

Once again double click on the newly created block to open up the edit view. Select random note generator from the plug-in drop down menu. This view should look familar to the previous exercise.

Random note generator

Suggested values for each control are given below. However feel free to tweak.

  • Range: MIDI note 48-60
  • Key: C
  • Scale: Major
  • Note/Rest Raitio: 75/25
  • Rhythm: 1/16 full, 1/8 half.
  • Notes to be generated: 16
Random note generator Random note generator

It is also possible to convert musical content generated using a purely generative block into a human/computer block so that both further editing and generative processes can be applied. To achive this simply right click on the part in the arrange view and click "covert to human/computer part".

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