Many of the tutorials for IGME can be accessed from within the software itself (top right).

main screen

However they are included here also:

1. Overview

2. Editing Notes

3. Generative Plugins

4. Computer Generated Music

5. Transition Table

6. Referencing

7. Advance

However additional tutorials can be found here:

Generative Drum Machine 1:


Download Examples of music encoded using IGME

We are currently experience isssues with the Edge browser renaming .igme files to .xml. If this happens then rename the file so that it has the extension ".igme" .

Moonlight Sonata


The first 8 bars of moonlight sonata encoded using IGME's note mapping plugin.

1 - 48


This examples showcases using IGME's algorithms to compose a piece of music using a single bar phrase of music. A computer generated part on track 3 is generated based on the pitches in the rest of the piece.

Generative Drums 2


Another example of a generative drum machine, an extension of the 1st generative drum tutorial

Minimal Electro


Minimalist electro piece with generative and algorithmic parts


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