Transition Table

For this activity we will use a generative model known as a transition table. A transition table is similar in nature to a Markov model. Firstly though we will import an existing MIDI file.

WARNING! Make sure you save your current session before importing!

Firstly select file -> import midi. Then select the bach-example.mid file. If this file is not avliable then select Examples -> bach_example.

Import MIDI file

Once this MIDI has file been imported, create a new track and add a generative part to it. Open this for editing and select transition table from the drop down menu. Push the analyse from session button. In the popup window select analyse from: full session and hit ok.

Analysis options

This will fill the transition table based on the content of the session. In the plugin window the table on the left specifies the probability that one note transitions to the next. Likewise the right hand table specifies note duration probabilities. Rather than specify these manually we have set them based on content in the current piece.

You can now create iterations of the music that is similar to the original.

Transition table settings.

As one last acitivty toggle the length control from "notes" to "bars" and then select 16 bars. Create an interation then return to the arrange view. Mute the second track, and audition track 1 and track 3 together to see how the computer generated part and the orignal sound together.

Completed session

Distribution Sample

The distribution sample technique is similar to the transition table and can also be used to generate music that is similar in style to music already in the session.

Change the plugin type in the previous exercise to be a distribution sample.

Completed session

Once again hit the smart analysis button on both the key profile and rhythm profile. In the popup window select analyse from: full session and hit ok. You should end up with something similar to the image shown below. You will need to set the number of bars to generate.

Completed session

The controller in the centre is used to set the range in which notes are generated. This control is set manually - feel free to experiment.

Completed session

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