Download your version of IGME here, see below for the getting started guide. Version history is available from here

Don't forget to register first!

OSX (min 10.13)

Latest stable build - 1.1.2.

Windows (Windows 10)

Latest stable build - 1.1.2

Older versions

OSX (min 10.13) - version 1.1.0

Windows (Windows 10) - version 1.1.0

Getting Started Guide

Once you have downloaded IGME and registered read the following to get setup



Extrac the from the supplied zip. There is no installation required for OSX, simply place the app in your prefered location (usually /applications).


Currently there is no installer for windows. Use the following steps to get started:

  1. Unzip the supplied folder to a prefered location on your machine (e.g. documents)
  2. Install the "guido2.ttf" font by double clicking and hitting "install" in the popup prompt
  3. Launch the IGMESynthWindows.exe (note there is no autolaunch on windows)
  4. Launch the IGME.exe application


Upon opening the application enter both your email address and activation key. This must be the same email you used to register


Once activated the following sreen should appear

main screen

IGME synth

The IGME software also launches a self-contained application the IGME synth. This sub-application is resposible for producing audio output, it must be kept open when running IGME. It can be re-launched from the drop down menu if you accidentally close it.



The primary focus of this research project is understanding how people interact with generative music. IGME will periodically send back interaction and session data to a remote server. This data is stored locally on your machine and once sent back will automatically delete itself. Data will be cached while offline and sending will resume once an internet connection is available

End of study survey

After using IGME for a while a promt will start being displayed asking you to complete the end of study survey. Upon completing this you will be given the chance to obtain an un-restricted version of IGME.


IGME contains a number of getting started tutorials, to access these click the tutorials button in the top right



IGME is now setup ready for you to use!

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