IGME is a music sequencer that supports the exploration of generative and algorithmic music techniques. It provides an easy to use interface for exploring generative music techniques, built on common music software paradigms. Ultimately promoting a human and computer cooperative, creative system


Score Editor

Music is edited using a score editor workflow.

No Programming

Unlike other generative music tools, IGME requires no programming!

Version Control

Keep track of all your edits and iterations.


Standalone, cross platform software with inbuilt audio synthesiser.

GUI Controls

Uses graphical widgets for configuring generative/algorithmic effects.

Modular Sequencer

Takes a modular approach to composition, while retaining a linear timeline.


The overall aim of this research is to understand how to create interfaces for generative music systems that use existing music sequencing workflows, and how to encourage traditional composers to use them.

You can read more about IGME from the following research publications

A cognitive dimensions approach for the design of an interactive generative score editor

This paper describes how the Cognitive Dimensions of Notation can guide the design of algorithmic composition tools. This work aims to address the shortcomings of existing algorithmic composition software, by utilising the more commonly used score notation interfaces, rather than patch based or code based environments.

Thoughts on interactive generative music composition

Modern staff notation remains the most common tool for music composition, and despite the emergence and abundance of highly flexible computer-based score editors, efforts to incorporate generative music techniques into such systems and subsequent composer workflow are seldom explored. This paper explores and develops both theoretical and practical models that address these concerns.

How can music visualisation techniques reveal different perspectives on musical structure?

Standard western notation supports the understanding and performance of music, but has limited provisions for revealing overall musical characteristics and structure. This paper presents several visualisers for highlighting and providing insights into musical structures, including rhythm, pitch, and interval transitions, also noting how these elements modulate over time.


IGME is the brainchild of PhD student/Lecturer/General hacker - Samuel Hunt. He currently works at the University of the West of England. Check out his github for more projects.


samuel.hunt 'at' uwe.ac.uk

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